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Designed by renowned architects Parsonsons, this house features exacting details.


Concrete panels poured in-situ and beautiful timber detailing make this a stunning house

Hutchison House 047.jpg

Another design by renowned architects Parsonsons, this holiday house features 3 split levels with spectacular views from all areas.  It blends seamlessly with the environment.




Perfectly positioned to soak up the view, the home opens to a picturesque outlook, across Lake Rotoiti. Facing up to the elements was a major consideration. Loads of light and warmth spill in through extensive glazing, taking the edge off the sometimes-harsh and chilly alpine environment. A reflective splashback enhances the feeling of space in the beautifully finished modern kitchen. With a low-profile board-and-batten and Coloursteel exterior, is a beautiful fit among the stunning scenery, standing out while remaining elegant and understated. 

MNW-08-6338 05.jpg

Homes built with one thing in mind - YOU

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